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Rekey Locks

Melbourne re-keying service for changing locks on doors, deadbolts and more

Lock Re-Keying Melbourne

The primary security of your house starts with the locks that you use on the doors. Sometimes it becomes necessary to rekey locks in order re-secure your locking system. You might move into a new house that uses preexisting locks whose copy of keys might have been staying with the previous owner or other people beyond your knowledge. In such scenario the best option is to call Victory Locksmith Melbourne for getting the most secure lock rekeying service at an affordable price.

Why it’s best to rekey a lock

Rekeying by Victory Locksmith Melbourne is by far the better way than to change the locks of your residential home, apartment or commercial building. It’s a cheaper and faster way to get the same level of security. Our well trained client friendly professionals will attend you ASAP and carry out the rekeying process in the best possible hassle-free way.

Lock Rekeying at an affordable price

You can always find kits to do the rekeying yourself but that’s not easy as it seems to be. However, you don’t need to change door locks house at all when you are in the Melbourne area. No matter how complex the door locks are our experienced professionals with the help of the most advanced technology will rekey your lock and in a matter of time you will be the sole possessor of your newly made keys.

We make sure that the new arrangement of the key pins with the lock cylinder works perfectly and you never again have to worry about the security of your door locks. Rekeying is always cheaper than changing locks on doors because in most cases it involves only paying for the labour charges along with the key pins. The cost to rekey locks in Melbourne can be as little as $20 per lock.

Are you ready to Rekey locks

With Victory’s Locksmith rekey service, you don’t need to stress about multiple keys or lost copies, give us a call on 0476 277 684 and you can have a single key for your home or business. We service Mernda, Mill Park, Bundoora, Epping,Cragieburn, Greensborough, Eltham and all of the North and Northeast of Melbourne. Get your locks rekeyed by the most experienced & affordable rekey locksmiths in the business.

Rekey Locks Melbourne
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