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Deadbolt Locks

Affordable Melbourne Deadbolt Lock Installations

A deadbolt door lock employs the safest and user-friendly locking system that allows you to leave your property with a hassle free mind. Having a deadlock door will increase the security of your home and is favoured by insurance companies in Australia, which will also lower the cost of your premium. Standard key in knob locks uses a spring-based mechanism, but a deadbolt uses a high capacity ultra strong cylinder-based system that’s impossible to easily tamper by burglars. Due to its smooth operation, installation and maintenance deadbolt type locks make the best entry door locks that are widely trusted and used in Australian homes.

There are primarily two main types of deadbolt locks. These are single and double cylinder deadbolts.These are key based locks that means you will need a key to lock and unlock the doors.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

In a single cylinder locking system, it has the option to keylock from outside and a twist knob or lever to lock or unlock from the inside of the door.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

In a double cylinder deadbolt, you need a key to lock the door from both outside as well as from inside.

Keyless and Digital

This type of keyless deadbolt lock uses the same type of cylinder based locking system but the operation is keyless. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Instead a keypad is used,you just have to remember your password. In case of a digitally based locking system the keyhole is replaced with a digital keypad that runs on batteries.

Rim based deadbolt

This type of deadbolt gets locked by itself every time you close the door. As the door gets automatically locked up there is no need for you to worry about manually locking the door.

Vertical deadbolt

It’s highly secured and is placed on the top part of the door but bolts to the inner face of the door. Due to its bulky shape it’s not visually appealing.

Mortise deadbolt

This locking mechanism is also very secured but you need to drill a hole on the frame of the door itself and as such the main structural integrity of the framework is compromised a bit but, strong frames won’t be affected.

Deadbolt Installations Melbourne

Deadbolts are most advanced, affordable and safest locking system made for Australian conditions. A front door deadbolt is the first line of defence and as such correct deadbolt installation is of vital importance. You should hire a licensed deadbolt locksmith to install the deadbolt locks on your doors, ensuring that the frames and the doors are not weakened or damaged during drilling and installation.

What is the difference between a single and double cylinder deadbolt?

These are installed inside the door and both use cylinder based mechanism. The difference lies in the locking option.

A single cylinder deadbolt requires a key to lock the door from the outside, but from the inside, no such key based locking system is installed. Instead you will have to use a knob or lever that’s fit at the back side of the door to lock or unlock it.

In a double cylinder deadbolt lock you will need a key to lock and unlock the door both from outside as well as from inside. Twist knobs are not at all present in double cylinder deadbolts, instead both the front as well as the inside of the door are secured with cylinder based locking system.

Both the single as well as double cylinders has its advantages and disadvantages. Double cylinder deadbolts are more secure because, if the door frame is beside a glass door, burglars can easily break the glass but cannot unlock the door from inside because a key is needed from the inside as well to lock or unlock the door.

A single cylinder deadbolt uses a twist knob to lock and unlock from inside and as such it’s less secured, but the advantage is that in case of a fire or emergency you don’t have to worry about finding your keys to unlock the door.

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With Victory’s Locksmith deadlock and deadbolt installation service, we can install, replace or repair existing deadlocks, Contact our friendly deadbolt locksmith today on 0476 277 684. We service Mernda, Mill Park, Bundoora, Epping, Cragieburn, Greensborough, Eltham and all of the North and Northeast of Melbourne. Get a deadlock from the most experienced & affordable locksmiths in the business.

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Standard Deadbolt Locks
A Standard Deadbolt Lock
Single Cylinder Deadlock
A Single Cylinder Deadlock - A key on one side and latch on the other.
Double Cylinder Deadlock
A Double Cylinder Deadlock has no latch and a key barrel on both sides.
Deadbolt Lock Installation Melbourne
We Offer Professional Deadbolt Lock Installations Melbourne
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